Friday, December 22, 2006

Site Improvements

We have made a few small improvements to the site today. We hold our hands up to a typo in two of the patterns where we had stated US #20 needles instead of US #19 and this has been corrected.

A number of the patterns have been designed by knitonthenet ourselves so to make this clearer we have added our name under the title of the patterns we have designed. If you are interested in submitting a pattern please follow the submissions link on the home page which provides you with the relevant information.

We believe it is very important for the magazine to be about the patterns and the people we feature in the magazine not about the personalities behind it, but for those of you keen to know more about the knitonthenet team there will be a small feature about us and the magazine's aims in the next issue.

Happy holidays!
from the knitonthenet team


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