Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Knit a Poppy Campaign - Many Thanks

The Knit a Poppy Campaign is drawing to a close at midnight tonight GMT.
As editor Susan says, 'Donations have surpassed our wildest dreams standing at present at £2632.00. It's quite astonishing, thank you all so much...' adding that there is still time however if you would still like to get your poppy pattern by making your £2 donation here.

I'd like to echo Susan's thanks to everyone who downloaded the pattern and donated to the very worthy Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal in doing so.

There have been some interesting adaptations of the original pattern with great results.
Here are just a few of the poppies you have all made.

by Gavin Crawford

by Skein Queen's 12 year old son

by Skiff Vintage

by Ingrid and Grace Murnane

by Chrissy Fletcher
editorial assistant

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