Thursday, June 03, 2010

World Cup Knitting

You really can't have failed to notice that the World Cup is coming up soon. It seems to be on every other billboard, on each advertisement break on the telly and football merchandise has pervaded the shops in every concievable way. Myself, I'm not really that into football and will probably give the whole thing a wide berth, but I know that there are lots of you out there for whom this is the biggest thing since sliced bread.

I was perusing Ravelry today and found that there was a World Cup Knitting group. I know. This shouldn't be surprising given that there has previously been the Ravelympics and there is soon to be the Tour de Fleece for spinning. What was great about this was that you could sign up whether you were a football fan or a football widow, keeping track of what you knitted for the duration of the competition and scoring points for your chosen country.

So, what could you make from the knitonthenet pattern archive?

There are the obvious, traditional adaptations of scarves and hats in appropriate national colours.

Denise, Denise Scarf by Gavin Crawford. Image copyright knitonthenet.

Gavin Crawford's Denise, Denise Scarf would be a fun one to make whilst watching the action, as it wouldn't matter if you were paying too much attention whilst changing needle sizes. Maybe you could change one interchangable needle each time your team scores or the ref gives a corner.

Under Two Hour Scarf by knitonthenet. Image copyright knitonthenet.

If you were really going for speed, you could get the Under Two Hour Scarf done during the build up and completion of a match.

Evangeline by Just call me Ruby. Image copyright knitonthenet.

Evangeline could lend an air of class to the usual football woolly hat, with a lovely toning button to complete your team colours, whereas I'd love to see a version of the gorgeous summer hat, Mia. Perfect for listening to the football on the radio in the garden (or maybe for getting away from the football in the garden, who knows?)

Mia by Chrissy Day. Copyright knitonthenet.

I think that Flag could be really amazing. It would be easy to adapt for any of the British national flags with a big of brainwork, and by using the chart maker, perhaps you could adapt the pattern for other flags too, such as the French one on the cardigan's arms.

Flag by Helene Magnusson. Image copyright knitonthenet.

...but beware: in her introduction and design story for Flag, designer Helene Magnusson warns of the status and use of flags:
According to Icelandic law, using the national flag is a privilege and not a right. The owner must follow instructions on its usage and make sure that his or her flag is in mint condition regarding colouring, wear and tear. It also states that no-one shall disrespect the flag in act or word, subject to a fine or imprisonment of up to one year.
Let us know what you'll be knitting from knitonthenet and I'll put it up on the blog during the World Cup. Email me at ingrid(at)knitonthenet(dot)com or put a photo up on the knitonthenet Facebook or Ravelry group pages or Tweet us @knitonthenet.

Happy knitting


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"Perfect for listening to the football on the radio in the garden (or maybe for getting away from the football in the garden, who knows?)" - brilliant. Sums it up perfectly, really.

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