Friday, January 21, 2011

As publication nears..

Susan wrote a really good behind-the-scenes post on her blog, Just call me Ruby
all about what goes on behind the scenes when it's getting near to the culmination of producing a new book (that's A Stitch in Time, volume 2, if you're new).

As well as this she gives us a look at one of the 75 (count 'em!) patterns which will be available therein. 

Do enjoy!
Ingrid x

Up to now this year has been all about getting organized behind the scenes so that the countdown to publication of A Stitch in Time Vol 2 goes as smoothly as possible. Every time I cook a dinner, I'm making enough for double servings so that one half goes in the freezer ready for the next few weeks when normal life will stop and an enormous amount of work has to get done in a very short space of time.  When writing and editing A Stitch in Time Vol 1, I really didn't think about how much it would impact on day to day life, but starting work at 8am and finishing at 3am was too much and this time I am determined to be more organized. I also forgot that I would need to stop and cook dinners and just couldn't find the time, hence the plan to have at least 30 evening meals, lunches, soups, breads and cakes etc all frozen and ready to be used each day.

One of my other plans is to introduce a new design  with each blog post, so without further ado, please meet "Blouse with a Gathered Neckline" from A Stitch in Time Vol 2.

This gorgeous little sweater is from the 1950s and features those quintessential style statements of high neckline, buttons at back neck, fitted close to the body, short sleeves, nipped in waist and fine, fine yarn. It was actually knitted in a 1 ply wool and would have been lightweight enough to be worn tucked into a pencil skirt without making lumps!

copyright Arbour House Publishing 2010

With this sweater I felt it was important to get as close to the original garment weight as possible to really show how delicate these sweaters were.  I therefore used Cecilia from Posh Yarns a 50/50 silk and cashmere yarn with 1300 yards to a 100gm skein. This fabulous top takes all of one skein!

Copyright Arbour House Publishing 2010

There is a repeat pattern throughout the garment which makes it a much more interesting knit than plain stocking stitch, the sleeves are set in with the added touch of a dainty picot hem to the cuffs. The collar is knit separately and again features the picot edge as does the feminine ribbon which is cleverly knitted and folded into a bow. The only change I have made is omitting the patch pocket, which although knitted, just seems to spoil another wise perfectly elegant line.

Copyright Arbour House Publishing 2010

With being fitted, short sleeved and bodied, it actually knits up really quickly for a lace weight garment and gives you the perfect excuse to indulge in a skein of something really, really special.

Don't forget, the pre-order offer is still available on the knitonthenet shop, with an ever growing package of goodies!

for now
Ruby xxx

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Blogger flossie said...

oh, I can't wait!!!!!! I have to admit, I have such a long list of things-to-knit, that I have yet to make something from the first book, but GOOD LORD do I just love to look at these photos. Even if I wasn't a knitter, I would want these books. They are really wonderful!

7:40 am  
Blogger IngridNation said...

Thank you for your lovely comments, Flossie!

You sound just like myself and Susan with our never-ending list of things to knit, but I bet you love it too :)

It's going to be a really lovely book - I can't wait either!

8:51 am  

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