Sunday, December 06, 2009

How you made it: Lydia Scarf

Lydia Scarf by LazyKate Image © knitonthenet

The Lydia Scarf, from knitonthenet Issue 3 is a pretty scarf knitted in DK weight yarn. Designed by LazyKate, her original coral-coloured scarf is pictured above.

There have been some great interpretations of the scarf such as these two by Rhona from Sheffield:

Another Lydia Scarf by Cryinglion (Ravelry link)

Nancy from California used a yarn with a long colour change to make her Lydia Scarf giving it a whole new look:

Lydia Scarf by yarnadjuster (Ravelry link)

Lydia Scarf with Flowers by LazyKate (Ravelry link)

If you like the Lydia Scarf, then you may also like LazyKate's Lydia Flowers pattern (pictured above) which complements it beautifully.

There's still time to knit one for Christmas, you know...

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