Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some 50s Elegance : Town and City Tufted Cape

So, what are you going to knit first from Vintage Gifts to Knit? There's so much to choose from. That's why I'm going to do a little series featuring some of the patterns to whet your appetite.

First up is the beautiful Town and City Tufted Cape, as modelled by Susan's lovely daughter, Charlotte.

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Town and City Tufted Cape by Susan Crawford. Image copyright Arbour House Publishing.

Using an unusual tufted stitch, this flattering garment is inspired by elegant capes from the 1950s. It is also reminiscent of the capes worn by nurses in the same period, and I can just remember my own mother wearing a longer early-sixties version with her uniform in the late seventies. It is a really easy knit and would be great to start now in time for the chilly days of autumn. (Yes, I know. Hard to imagine just now in the Great British Heatwave!*)

It really is a very versatile pattern which will fit sizes 30-52" bust and Susan says in her pattern notes that:

The finished length is measured from the top of the main body at the front neck and includes the garter stitch edging around the bottom of the cape. The cape is very generous and accommodating in size and shape and will fit a variety of sizes. As a result, I suggest you consider what fit you would like before choosing your size. The small will actually fit a 42 inch chest but it will fit higher and more open at the front.
The cape is knitted in a standard double knit yarn on 5mm needles and is very warm without being bulky. The tufted stitch pattern makes lots of surface area to keep you cosy without great weight. This pattern would be excellent TV knitting (whilst watching the World Cup or maybe Wimbledon at the moment?) and is a real stashbuster, using only 5 or 6 balls of the main colour and one other for contrast.

Town and City Tufted Cape by Susan Crawford. Image copyright Arbour House Publishing.

As well as being part of the Vintage Gifts to Knit book, it is also available as a standalone pattern from both the knitonthenet shop, and as a Ravelry download, if you are a member there.

I really love a project where I can try out a new technique or stitch pattern: it gives me such a feeling of accomplishment. I think I'm going to really enjoy knitting this and trying out the tufted stitch, and hope that you do too. Do let us know if you've made one and send us a photo to put on the blog.

Happy summer knitting

Ingrid x

*Give us a break, readers from abroad. 27 degrees centigrade is pretty hot for us!

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