Sunday, December 12, 2010

Last Minute Shopping!

Miss Laverty's Motoring Hood from Vintage Gifts to Knit

Well, from the title, you can tell that we'd love you to do some of your Christmas and holiday presents at the knitonthenet shop. But I'm not going to get all hard-sell on you. As a reader of our magazine and blog, I'm sure that you know that we have a lovely selection of patterns, books and kits! Ooh, and stationary. Instead, here are some pictures to perhaps inspire you and a nice Christmassy video too.

Sandra Polley's Knitted Toys

Lacy Gloves from A Stitch in Time Volume 1

Ladies Gauntlet Knitting Kit

...and lastly, a bit of Bing Crosby.

Happy knitting,
Ingrid x


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