Saturday, January 22, 2011

Knitting Classes at the Mary Rose Museum

If you're in the Portsmouth area, you can learn to knit (or refresh your skills) with me (Ingrid) on either February or March 5th (or both if you're keen!)

It is all in aid of the Mary Rose 500 appeal which raises money for the new Mary Rose Museum which will house King Henry VIII's flagship at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

The classes are running as part of the education programme that goes alongside their latest exhibition The Tudors Courtly Couture Collection. If you're a fan of The Tudors tv series, this is a really great opportunity to see the original costumes up close. I went to see the costumes when they arrived at the museum and the detailing even on the costumes is amazing. They really were the Kings of Bling.

There will also be two more classes on 12th February and 26th March, where I will be teaching how to make knitted bouquets and buttonholes for a Winter Wedding, and the Scroggers from Glee, respectively (scroggers were Tudor leg or arm warmers).

If you'd like to book up, please do get in touch with Fiona Harvey 02392 750521 or email her at f.harvey[at]

Hope to see you there!
Ingrid x
(assistant editor)



Anonymous G. K. Green said...

What a wonderful idea ... and I'm sure the execution (no pun intended) will be brilliant too! For those of us Tudors-series fans who are US knitters, is it possible that you might publish some of your Tudor-inspired knitting patterns? I hope so!

G. K. Green (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

7:08 pm  
Blogger IngridNation said...

That's certainly a possiblilty! Did you know that the legwarmers of today came from garments called scroggers that Tudor seafarers wore on their legs and forearms? There is a brilliant original that was found extant on the Mary Rose.

8:20 am  

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