Sunday, April 24, 2011

Behind the scenes at knitonthenet

Yarn! Image copyright Ingrid Murnane
 Happy Easter, everyone!
Although it has been a quieter week, here on the blog, conversely it has been a hugely busy one behind the scenes. We are almost set to relaunch knitonthenet with a whole new format, concept and a new look too.

 Gavin, working on knitonthenet. Image copyright Ingrid Murnane
Gavin and I have been working away together for the past week: myself editing and rewriting, checking over pattern details and reviewing all sort of bits and pieces. Gavin has the monumental task of uploading all of the new site's content, putting in the many, many links, ironing out any hitches and making sure the new shop system and the whole site works. But don't think Susan has been slacking! She's busy, busy proofreading patterns for knitonthenet, grading patterns for A Stitch in Time volume 2, and of course knitting away on garments for the book too.

We aim to have the site up and running for you late on Easter Monday, so watch out for an announcement!

Happy knitting
Ingrid x

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Blogger Hélène Magnússon said...

Can't wait!

10:55 am  
Blogger flossie said...

Really can't wait!

2:39 am  
Anonymous KnittingPony said...

Ooh it's looking lovely! Very excited about the snowflake shawl... :)

8:27 am  
Blogger IngridNation said...

What you can see at the moment on the site is still the old look, with the existing patterns. We have five brand new ones that will be going up, as well as a fair amount of our back catalogue. We shall gradually be adding the rest bit by bit (including the snowflake shawl)

Really glad you're all looking forward to it! :)

8:59 am  

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