Sunday, August 09, 2009

Issue 9

Getting the latest issue of knitonthenet online has proven to be a particularly difficult task for many varied reasons, all of which combined, have made it very, very tough to find time or resources to work on knitonthenet. The magazine is something we do in our own time and at our own cost which is something we are having to look at very closely. In addition my mum has had a major stroke and is in hospital unable to communicate with us. This has obviously taken precedence over everything else at the moment. I am spending a large percentage of each day at the hospital and everything else, including knitonthenet is having to wait.

Issue 9 of knitonthenet will however be live in the next week or so and we feel it is of the very highest standard and we hope it will have been worth the wait. Things will be changing in the future but we hope that any questions you may have will be answered when you read the introduction to Issue 9.

In the meantime, our apologies if you have emailed us with questions relating to the magazine. I will try over the next couple of weeks to slowly work my way through them.

kind regards
Susan & Gavin
the knitonthenet team