Friday, May 27, 2011

Find knitonthenet all over the Web

With such a flurry of new social media out there, it may well be hard to know where to find us. Are we pinterested or not? Are we displaying our pictures on photobucket or flickr? Well indeed. We do extend our web presence beyond just the main knitonthenet site and the blog and below I have updated whereabouts you can find knitonthenet on the web. Just find us by clicking on the links.

Knitonthenet has a Facebook page, a Twitter stream, a Flickr group (that is in it's small beginnings, but which we'd love you to add your photographs to) and a Ravelry group that has been a little quiet of late. Please do come along and put your two penneth in about the site as we'd love to talk! Oh, and if you're already on Ravelry, you could always pop in to our two sister groups, Just Call Me Susan (for our lovely editor, Susan's knitting patterns) or A Stitch in Time 2008, which is exactly as it says!

You can also find Arbour House Publishing on both Facebook and Twitter. AHP isn't as chatty as knitonthenet, but we put out all the important book information there, so it's well worth checking if you're wondering about how we're getting on with A Stitch in Time volume 2.

It's not exactly social media, but don't forget too, that you can sign up for all of the latest news from knitonthenet at the top right hand side of any page of the site, by filling in the form. You can click here to read our latest email newsletter to go out to knitonthenet subscribers, if you aren't signed up already and would like to see the sort of newsletter that you'd be recieving.

Well now you know where we are, why not hop over and join in the conversation about knitting bathing costumes in the A Stitch in Time group on Ravelry. I bet you want to knit one...

Happy internetting
Ingrid x



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