Friday, April 29, 2011

knitonthenet relaunches!

Welcome to the new look knitonthenet!
As many of you may be aware, knitonthenet has been running as somewhat of a skeleton service for some months now. This has enabled us to spend a significant period of time redesigning the site contents – including a complete restructuring – to provide you with a better, more interactive and dynamic site. 

 Knitonthenet is back with a whole new concept, and as you can see, a new look too. Instead of the former issued-led quarterly magazine, we shall be updating the website on a regular basis with patterns, articles and reviews. This means that you won’t have to wait three months for new designs as was the case in the magazine format.

In redesigning the site, we decided on a more streamlined, clean look and have made it easier to navigate by using drop-down menus. All of the same useful features are still available such as the design-chart maker, the resources page and our knitting conversions charts.

Fern by Catherine Wilson
As I’m sure a lot of you know, the decision has been taken after consultation with our pattern designers, that the majority of patterns on the site will no longer be offered free of charge. We feel that it is important that the hard work of the designers is valued and renumerated properly, and that by charging for these patterns we will be able to continue providing well written, appealing knitting and crochet designs. The prices were agreed upon after consideration of the amounts of time involved in both the work of the designers and also that of the knitonthenet team. The purchasable patterns are available through their individual pages to download, whilst the free patterns are available on the website as usual.

 Myrtle knitting bag by Ingrid Murnane
We will be regularly updating the site and shop with new patterns, and also in order to get our whole ‘back catalogue’ online once again, so do sign up to the knitonthenet newsletter (at the top right of each page) so that you can find out automatically when your favourites are back up.

We have some lovely new patterns for you from a range of designers.

Naturally Slouchy by Woolly Wormhead
A great new stashbusting pattern from Woolly Wormhead using a local Lancashire hill sheep wool, a great summer top, Carol by first-time knitonthenet designer Isabelle Boutin, a knitting bag that would double for the beach by Ingrid Murnane, and for crocheters a stunning wrap by Catherine Wilson.

 Carol by Isabelle Boutin
We also have a new free pattern from Sandra Polley, Bertie our British breeds bear. You can also read our review of Sandra’s latest book, Sandra Polley’s Knitted Toys, as well as our interview with her and take advantage of our book offer.

Bertie by Sandra Polley
We do hope that you enjoy the new-look knitonthenet and thank you for waiting for us to relaunch.

Susan, Gavin and Ingrid
The knitonthenet team



Blogger flossie said...


6:00 pm  
Blogger Inthepursuitofknittyness said...

Hi just had a look and your sites great, lovely and simple to use. I quite agree that you should charge for some patterns with the hard work that goes into them after all you can't live on fresh air! Anyway great site love the reviews sections etc. and will be back regularly. See you soon. Craftchick.

7:57 pm  
Blogger Mooncat said...

Great to see you back!
Got to say though, the one pattern I really want I can't find - "Myrtle knitting bag by Ingrid Murnane" - not the bag, but the gorgeous crocheted top the model is wearing. Please where can I find it!!!!

2:52 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just got the email and I love the relaunch. The site is easy to use. The just added patterns are very pretty.

3:43 am  
Blogger Editor said...

Our apologies Mooncat. We'll add a note to the pattern pages. The top is called 'Have You Made a Jumper Yet?" and is out of A Stitch in Time, Volume 1. The design is originally from 1921! I included it in the photoshoot as I hope to do a blog post on how vintage garments can also be worn in a very contemporary way.

And thank you everyone for your kind and supportive comments. They are much appreciated.


8:58 am  
Blogger glynis said...

Delighted to see you back again.
I love the way the new site looks!

9:08 pm  

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