Thursday, July 08, 2010

Hearts and Bunnies Cardigan

In the second of the series from Vintage Gifts to Knit by Susan Crawford, I'm taking a quick look at the very cute Hearts and Bunnies Cardigan.

The very sweet Hearts and Bunnies cardigan was inspired by the character Anouk in the film Chocolat and is reminiscent of children's knitwear of the 1940s. With clever knitted buttons, it really is a stashbusting project which will appeal to all who like to make do and mend.

Knitted in 4 ply, this cardigan is a good introduction to both fair isle and intarsia, which are used in different parts of the cardigan. The garment is knitted in one piece to the underarm and then divided for the back and fronts. Although knitted here in wool, it could also be knitted in cotton for the summer. Although seen here knitted in pink, it will gain a whole new look knitted in a blue or more contemporary colour scheme.

If you do knit one in a different colour, we would love to see it too.

Vintage Gifts to Knit is available in both print and e-book form, costing only £14.00 for the printed version and £10.00 for the ebook. Arbour House Publishers will ship Vintage Gifts to Knit anywhere in the world for the flat rate of £3.00.

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