Monday, August 16, 2010

A Stitch in Time through the generations!

In honour of Vintage at Goodwood this weekend, here is something just brilliant that one of our readers, Jan, sent to us.

She has had the 1970s A Stitch in Time book for a good while, and during the 1980s, knitted these two garments from it. Here is her lovely granddaughter, Monica modelling them today.

Jan says: "I wore blackberry in the 80s with a gray/red check softly pleated skirt (M&S) boots and a white blouse with a pussy cat bow....thought I looked pretty snazzy."

These patterns are truly passing through the generations. The Blackberry Stitch cardigan, below from the 1940s has been made in the 1980s and is still worn now in the 2010s. Not bad going!

Many thanks to Jan for sending us her story. Here's her blog, A Passion for Vintage Textiles, if you'd like to read more.
...and if you've been inspired by these lovely sweaters, you can purchase your own up-to-date version of A Stitch in Time, at Arbour House Publishing's Knitonthenet shop.

Happy knitting,



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