Thursday, July 15, 2010

Have you noticed anything different about knitonthenet?

If you've visited knitonthenet in the past couple of days, you might have noticed that we have added a 'donate' button.

(This isn't a real one: just an image. Go here for our actual button)

As followers of the blog, some of you are probably aware that there is a little backstory to this, but for those who are new (hello!), here is a link to a former post with a message from Susan and Gavin Crawford explaining a little about what has been going on behind the scences.

There is also a page up on the site explaining why we have added the button.

Editor, Susan says:

By donating you can help keep knitonthenet online. Maintaining the site and providing new content is expensive and despite our best efforts we struggle to keep up with these costs. We need your help! If you have enjoyed using the site or a particular pattern we would be very grateful if you would show your support and appreciation by making a donation.

There is a donate button on the right hand column of each page, which you can click on. We are able to accept debit and credit cards as well as PayPal and any amount, no matter how small, is very gratefully recieved.

So, if you really liked a pattern, thought a particular article was great, or just enjoy the magazine in general, please do show your appreciation!

A very big Thank You

from Susan, Gavin and Ingrid
the knitonthenet team


Anonymous Mim said...

Is there any way to leave a donation without a telephone number? I try to avoid using the phone where possible and so don't give my number out.

4:44 pm  
Blogger Editor said...


We don't actually ask for a phone number so we assume it is on the paypal processing system. If it wont let it leave the box blank you could put in some x's and o's. Any information of this sort that paypal collects we would not see, it would be being used by paypal to confirm identity.

Hope this helps

7:38 pm  
Anonymous Mim said...

Ta, Ingrid. I've used my work number.

1:10 pm  

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