Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Excelana has Arrived!

If you were one of the many who visited the Unravel festival of knitting at Farnham Maltings, you will have been among the first in the world to have seen Susan Crawford and John Arbon's new yarn, Excelana in the flesh (as it were).

We had a marvellous launch for this lovely, squishy new yarn, with our Susan Crawford Vintage Knitting stand alongside John Arbon's Fibre Harvest stand. The set-up worked splendidly, as it gave people the chance to see both the full range of the yarn in 4 ply (and two shades of dk) and also be inspired for knitting lovely vintage style garments with it at the same time.

Excelana will work wonderfully well for lots of the garments in both A Stitch in Time and Vintage Gifts to Knit. Most exciting of all, Susan is also using it as the yarn support for many of the garments in the forthcoming A Stitch in Time volume 2. Whilst at Unravel, both John and Susan gave separate talks about the development and making of Excelana, explaining their respective inputs and how the yarn came into being.

If you weren't one of the many at Unravel, or your shopping bag was already stuffed to breaking point by the time you got to us (c'mon, you know it happens) then I'm sure that you'll be pleased to know that Excelana is also available online at www.excelana.com. So whether you'd like some Nile Green or Powdered Egg, you can buy some for yourself by clicking here.

I came home with both Ruby Red and Cornflower Blue in the 4ply, which is the weight currently available. I have been knitting swatches up today and it is really lovely and silky around your fingers, and makes a beautifully soft fabric. Do let us know in the comments if you have bought some and how you're finding it.

Happy vintage knitting!
Ingrid x

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